Marc van den Boomen Marc


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This oil painting expresses the relationship between lawyer and client. The inherent symbolism suggests that it is the lawyer who defends his client against impending misfortune, as symbolised by the sword of Damocles. The smiling client is handing over an indeterminate amount of money for the services of his lawyer; happy to allow his fate to be placed in the hands of the capable advocate.
The principal is lawyer Mr. Marc van den Boomen. The client in this painting is represented by Mr van den Boomen Senior. The painting hangs in the study of the principal in a monumental and historic building in the city of Roermond, in the Netherlands.
The fact that Marc's father is represented as the sitting man and client in this work adds a further powerful layer of imagery to the piece. The symbolic power of the passing on of wealth from one generation to another is inescapable. The 'wealth' may not refer to money alone; one may consider other aspects of the father son relationship, a wealth of experience? A wealth of love?

This painting tackles the fundamental truths of the human condition. We are born and we die, at some unknown time all that we worked for throughout our lives, the fruits of all our struggles, will be passed on to a future generation.

Commissioned by Marc van den Boomen,
Barrister sold

Oil on toile (100 x 160 cm)