Rick Engelen

Facets of Realism

The ‘Realism’ that I attempt to capture in my paintings, concerns more than the faithful and detailed depiction of the subject. Beyond this I strive to capture the unexplainable beauty of the moment and the astonishing insanity of our existence.

As we struggle with unanswerable questions, what beauty and what horror will be uncovered? Mankind is a species with an infinite capacity for beauty and an infinite capacity for cruelty. Between these extremes between an enigmatic smile and the slash of a razor, everything is possible.

The artist, poet and engraver William Blake once described the function of poetry (and engraving) as the act of burning away the surface to reveal the truth that is hidden below.

The realism of my painting is similarly concerned with getting below the surface to reveal the, not always, beautiful truth.

Rick Engelen



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