Dennis Bull


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--Dennis Brugge 1973--

Headlight and footsore
we entered Brugge.
hitch hikers
with heaven
written on a piece of cardboard.

A moment captured
frozen in time
a click of a shutter
now told in rhyme.

Many years later
the image comes alive.
through the skill of an artist
of a different kind.
bringing memories of a life
... left behind.

It is still me on that chair
but something is missing,
two friends in the room
who remain in my mind,
unseen, impervious
to the passage of time.

photo: Neil Onslow 1973

drawing: Rick Engelen 2005

poetry: Dennis Bull 2006.

Owned by Dennis Bull

Pencil, charcoal and some paint
on masonite (61 x 69 cm) sold